The 3 Most Challenging Aspects of Taking Spanish Lessons

The 3 Most Challenging Aspects of Taking Spanish Lessons

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Learning a brand new language is exciting and daunting at first. Depending on a person’s first language, the second language could be entirely different and difficult to master. In fact, there are three challenging aspects to Spanish lessons, but students can overcome them with diligent studying in a language teaching course.

Basic Memorization

A main part of any language teaching course is memorization. Students must commit certain terms and phrases to memory as they progress through a Spanish lessons class. Teachers might offer basic terms that students must remember, such as household or animal vocabulary. Because students don’t have any familiarity with the language yet, they must rely on memorization and translation to remember these terms. Ideally, students should practice the terms through reading, writing and speaking. As the words are used more frequently, they’ll become part of the brain’s long-term memory. If students don’t actively use the words, however, they will be quickly forgotten.

Feminine and Masculine Words

Romantic languages, including Spanish, use masculine and feminine determinations for their words. The term “the” in Spanish is spelled as “el” or “la,” depending on the noun’s gender. A masculine noun uses “el,” for example. This gender indication is often difficult for new language learners to comprehend, so they must memorize new vocabulary with the appropriate “the” added to the beginning of the word. In time, gender in language becomes more natural for the speaker and reader. Teachers will cover this gender aspect in full detail within any class, so that the students truly understand every grammar rule in the Spanish language.

Spanish Lessons and Conjugating Verbs

Using verbs in Spanish requires the memorization of several words for each term. Verbs are changed or conjugated based on the subject performing them. For example, one girl eating an apple has a different verb tense compared to five men eating several apples. English speakers often find verb conjugation difficult because each action word has five or six different words associated with it. After learning most of the basic verbs, students typically learn the language’s pattern with conjugation. It simply takes some extra effort to feel comfortable with the process.

Students from around the globe, including San Antonio, face challenges in their language teaching classes each day. It’s important to remember that everyone is dealing with the same frustrations during Spanish lessons. With time and practice, the language will slowly become easier to understand and use.

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